Spread a little happiness as you go by…

A long time ago I drove a 2CV whose previous owner had got up one day, looked at a small comedy French car and decided that its image would be greatly enhanced by the addition of some Winnie the Pooh cartoons. It was cheap and not too rusty, so I bought it, and then I found out that it’s really quite life-enhancing to be the cause of small children breaking out in smiles and cheerful waves. (One of my gifts is that through a form of remote mind control I can make babies cry just by looking at them). It was a helpful antidote to the gruff contempt which it attracted from the maintenance guys at work.

This morning I was riding Two Moos along the road which is a shortcut to our village primary and got waved at by at by several Very Small People. I think the fact that he has shiny pink glitter stripes helps. It’s lovely to be popular!



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2 responses to “Spread a little happiness as you go by…

  1. Are you? are you sure?
    maybe they were just waving GOODBYE ;-))

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