Back in the Saddle Again.

Today is the opposite of Lupercalian Goat Sacrifice Day. It is the first day that there’s been a tart bite of cold at the edge of the morning, and a hint of woodsmoke hazing the view of the horizon.

I enjoy spring because I like to be warm, but I love autumn because on days like today it isn’t just woodsmoke in the air, it’s change. Everything is possible on mornings like this one.

Ruby has gone, and the Metal Mules and I are now mounted on Two Moos Lautrec. I am en route to work but after work I am heading to Scotland to ride the 1,000 miles necessary for a Touring Award. One day soon, when I am bored of the bourgeois requirements of owning capital and making progress in the world, I will ride off and not come back. You’ll know when this happens because I’ll post a photo with a camel in it.


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