I was tetchy this morning for no very good reason, though it may have been a combination of not enough sleep and making the mistake of reading this column in the Guardian defending cycling on the pavement. In the comments to which many cyclists declare their right to cycle on the pavement if it makes them feel safer without apparently having any awareness of the fact that it’s very intimidating for pedestrians. When I was waiting for the repairman to come and jumpstart Ruby I was sitting on the pavement – for lack of anywhere else to wait – and cyclists shot past at speed only a few inches from my head.

I was also tetchy because I was rather lost – trying to take the Triumph back to Cambridge Motorcycles to have her leaks stopped. But now I’m in a much better mood. To save me from a long walk to work Phil lent me this very fine Suzuki 125. Looking like a frog on a matchbox I zipped up the Newmarket Road laughing my head off and feeling 26 all over again.

Motorcycles – making the world less tetchy, one rider at a time šŸ™‚



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2 responses to “Downsizing

  1. MarkE

    I cycle and have even been known to commute by bicycle (when the journey was short, the weather nice and the client had showers) but I apply one simple and easily remembered rule: if it's on foot it's on the footpath, if it's on wheels it's on the road.

    Having been run over by a cyclist (taking a short cut the wrong way on a one way street – my fault apparently as I didn't look his way), they hurt! Therefore cyclists have no business mixing with pedestrians.

  2. HL:

    cyclists are sometimes, too arrogant and only think of themselves. If they had courtesy they would slow down when close to pedestrians. I put them on the same level as driver's who don't signal, or drivers who barge their way into traffic by using their horns.

    It was nice to borrow a loaner bike, beats walking

    Riding the Wet Coast

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