Catching them young

It’s a lovely evening in the Flatlands. Which is good, because I had to spend 40 minutes of it waiting for a man from ETA to come and jumpstart Ruby. We stopped for chips on the way home and when I tried to make a dashing exit with chips and a battered sausage in my top box I got nothing but clicks instead of her usual cheerful rumble, and the occasional flash of “EWS” on the screen. I was a bit worried that she’d suffered permanent collapse after her adventures with the Hyundai, but Peter at Lind listened down the phone and diagnosed a flat battery. Which was bang on.

I think the bike has more brain than I do. We’ve both had a blow to the head recently and 40 minutes with nothing to do but wait in the sun were actually very welcome.

But I hadn’t planned to tell you about this. I was actually going to say that an even more interesting piece of two-wheel exotica was parked in the bike bay this morning. It’s a Kickstart moped – loaned to young people so that they can get to work, or to college. What a brilliant thing to spend my taxes on 🙂



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3 responses to “Catching them young

  1. Chris H

    Better than spending it on speed bumps.

    Turning over a 1200 horizontally opposed twin on a cold morning must be hard on batteries, but I'm a bit surprised it conked out mid-ride…

  2. me too! but it's definitely dead, had to get a jump start from 2 dutch guys in a hire care this evening (NB This is not a euphimism).

  3. MarkE

    Hire care?

    Is that a hire car, hired specifically fo the purpose of caring for damsels in distress?

    Were you in dis dress or dat dress?

    I'll get me coat.

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