Slippery when wet

My head hurts. This should perhaps be unusual for a Monday morning but it doesn’t hurt because I didn’t take enough water with it, it hurts because on Saturday morning I slipped on a wet path and bounced my face off a railway sleeper. Given a choice of taking an eye out, losing some teeth or having a bruised cheekbone I do accept that the latter is the least worst option, but it made getting my helmet on this morning a rather unpleasant experience. Also I have a bruise the size of a palm on my left hip. Which made putting my foot down at the lights an experience which required lengthy and voluminous swearing to cope with.

So I am going back to the doctors at 5.30 to see if I’ve done anything serious to my face, my head or my neck. This makes it the second time in three years I’ve had to have my head officially examined. Two weeks ago I had to go to the doctors with a gardening wound.

Some people think motorcycling is a dangerous hobby.


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  1. Chris H

    Not Lorenzo and Stoner, they think going to a country with slightly elevated background radiation and no attributable deaths is much worse than racing a motorcycle elbow to elbow at 200mph.

    I wonder what they'd think of railway sleepers? probably run a mile!

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