Vanity, thy name is woman

At the Soham Bikes and Bands event I made the slightly alarming discovery that although the Metal Mule topbox did rather suit the Africa Twin, it wasn’t actually locked to the frame. If I’d taken the traffic calming with any more gusto I suspect it would have bounced free and gone for an adventure all of its own.

The rack on Ruby has a little tongue for the locking lever to bite. The new rack doesn’t. So I spent some of yesterday wondering if I had accidentally committed myself to spending another 500 quid so that Ruby and the Africa Twin can have a top box each.

I called Metal Mule this morning and the good news is that I’m not the only person out there with more than one adventure bike but not enough money for 2 sets of panniers. A new clamp is on its way to me in the post, for about 480 quid less than the cost of a topbox. And why am I feeling vain? Because when Mr Mule asked for my name for the parcel he remembered me from my visit with Ruby three years ago, and asked if I was still on the telly. I like to be memorable 🙂


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