Ruby has got a little teutonic of late and is now complaining vehemently that not only is she starving for fuel (not true, it’s just the fuel gauge that’s failed for the second time) but she’s also gone blind in one eye. Changing bulbs requires the hands of a 7 year old and the patience of a saint, neither of which I possess right now so I will just have to concentrate on getting home before dark.

I am enjoying riding every day, it’s not very far to work but there is a point where, after riding a dark and narrow lane between thatched cottages we burst out onto an open, rising road beside a field full of yellow flowers and under a clear blue sky. At which point I usually cackle like the loon that I am at the sheer bloody joy of it.

Also in the joy column, this morning we managed a perfect sweepy overtake – just a little one, but it was so poised and timed that even I was pleased with it.

And this evening we went to the barbecue bike night at Ultimate Bike Gear in Papworth. I am feeling a bit lonely at the moment (I think it was watching the Royal Wedding that did it!) so I am resolved to go out and about a bit more, for company and fun isn’t going to find me if I hide at home. I sound very brave saying this now, but the truth is I nearly wimped out of going, it is daunting heading out to these things and not knowing whether you’ll know anyone. Big thanks to Lloyd for not letting me be a wuss. Somewhere in my house there is a badge that says, “Talk to me, I don’t know anyone here” – I used it a lot in my first few weeks at university, and maybe I should bring it out of retirement. In the meantime, if you’re at a bike meet and you see a tall woman with purple hair looking a bit nervous please come and say hello to me.

Meanwhile this weekend I’m looking forward to being at the Thundersprint with Nikos and Mrs Nikos, and the prospect of a guest appearance from Clarky! Telegraph bloggers reunited 🙂

And next weekend I shall be at Lands End for the start of the Round Britain Rally AA Ride. The AA stands for Air Ambulance, not our anticipated road rescue service of choice. More info here.

PS The picture does not show Ruby. It reminds me that there was once a time I could manage a 10 day trip with one tankbag…


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