Every Day is a Good Day

I’ve been camping on the south coast with Biker Paul…him on the Rocker’s Revenge (Kawasaki W650), me on Ruby as her final fling before I have to sell her to pay the taxman. We looked like a magazine feature on Biking Through The Ages. Or possibly like a mix and match TV chef tribute act – The Not Very Hairy Biker and One Not Very Fat Lady.

Now, the problem I face is that it was a fantastic weekend of sun, and ice cream, and sitting on the beach watching the moon on the waves and listening to the breakers roll in, and drinking good beer and having a laugh with some locals in the pub who tried to teach me to juggle – oand what’s interesting about that?! I’ve built a blog on misfortune and sarcasm, and here I am skipping through the metaphorical internet grinning like a loon and saying Hello Flowers, Hello Trees.

It also helps that I get to ride to work every day through some of the best of an English spring….at the moment when I leave the house the light is that fabulous slightly luminous morning pearl that just makes me want to stick my passport in my pocket and ride for ever. When I am an old woman that’s what I’m going to do, but for now, for once, Every Day is a Good Day.

PS – in case you are wondering, the picture is of the inside of one of this year’s RBR Landmarks, thus neatly circumventing the ban on publication before 31 Oct.



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2 responses to “Every Day is a Good Day

  1. How nice to be beside the sea!

  2. Spring is full-on here, too. It's hard not to grin like an ass when the weather is fine and the sun is out.

    Behind Bars – Motorcycles and Life

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