MOT time…

Anxious parent sitting here waiting for the result…


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6 responses to “MOT time…

  1. Well did she pass?

    It's like waiting for a washing machine to finish to get news….

  2. Advisories on steering head bearings, front brake pads and “fluctuation in breaking effort” – the first two I am going to sort over Easter with help from Mel, the third I'm not so sure about!!

  3. 2 is probably linked to 3.

    Mine has had 3 for ages and it could be the bobbins or a warp.

  4. Brake fluid flush and new pads are pretty easy. Hopefully your rotors are still good, cause they're a bit pricier.

    The head bearing isn't so bad, really, either, if you don't mind getting into things like that. Best of luck – I enjoy that kind of thing but most people seem to get scared off.

    Behind Bars – Motorcycles and Life

  5. Thanks, Brady! I like a good spanner, but my enthusiasm exceeds my ability by a significant measure. Fortunately Mel used to be a race mechanic (was going to say race engineer but Nikos is watching 😉 and will help me learn.

  6. Anonymous

    I like a good spanner

    Orlando Transportation

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