This is what Spring looks like

thisiswhatspringlookslike by highwaylass

I am getting old and I seem to feel the changing of the seasons more keenly than I used to, presumably on the grounds that I have an ever-decreasing number of them left. Though it’s equally possible that the reason I am particularly relieved at the arrival of spring this year because it means my gas bill will go down.

There’s a town in the USA where spring is marked by the arrival of between 10 000 and 25 000 tundra swans, stopping for a rest on their spring migration. For me spring is marked by the arrival of Lupercalian Goat Sacrifice Day, closely followed by the RBR landmark list, the A.R.S.E, the paperwork for the Thundersprint, and then by getting up at 6.00am and making like an air hostess in my fetching orange Hopp Rider Training vest. Or Michael Palin in The Life of Brian. “Confident on the right….less confident on the left….don’t know? How about the middle..oh, you were just kidding. Yes, brick-slow is also good on the left.”

Spring at Cadwell Park is lovely. The sunlight catches in the trees and the bunny rabbits frolic on the meadows. Evolution teaches them how not to get smacked by errant Porsches, while modern EU noise regulations mean that the exhaust notes of the LRSP partipipants barey disturbs them. Apart from the Viper can on the VFR šŸ˜‰

Here’s a few pics.


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