If it’s March, it must be MOT time….

This year I am feeling a little retro. I think it is time to tackle the Round Britain Rally on my approaching-classic-status Triumph Adventurer, who will be 11 in May this year – do I only have two years left before it becomes a stroppy teenager, refusing to do what I ask and shrugging me off with a roll of the headlamps?

I am driven to this thought for two reasons. The first is that MOT time is here for the Triumph With No Name and I have a sinking feeling that we haven’t actually turned a wheel since the last one, apart from up into and down out of Mel’s van. Which is a terrible thing to do to a beautiful motorcycle.

The other reason is that Ruby is definitly having to go up for sale. If I get a half-decent price for her, I can pay half my tax bill. Needs must…


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3 responses to “If it’s March, it must be MOT time….

  1. What a beautiful motorcycle! I think my hubby has been looking at a couple of Triumphs.

  2. Love the bike. Triumph's are great, I would love to have one, alas way to expensive in my neck of the woods.

  3. The Adventurer is a really handsome 'bike – and that, the Thuderbird Sports and the first Tigers are all destined to become classics.

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