Tired and confused

I’m packing for the Round Britain Rally Awards Dinner tomorrow night. Because the taxman wants £15,000 in underpaid PAYE off me, I’m on something of an economy drive and am booked into the campsite, which is one-fifth the price of the team hotel. But because I also have to work 6 – 12 tomorrow before I can set off to Conkers, I’m going in the car.

This is presenting me with an unforseen difficulty. I know how to pack for camping with Ruby. One pannier for stove, gear and hard things including tins of food. One pannier for clothes. Top box for maps, camera, charging cables and notebook. Tie-down bag for anything else.

With a whole car-load of space available to me, I am at something of a loss. I have a pile of gear in the kitchen which looks like too much and I’m sure I’ve left out all the important stuff.

I cope better with boundaries. I’m sure there’s a metaphor in here but I am too tired to find it. Probably becuase last night lacked boundaries and after slightly too many cocktails in fabulous company I didn’t get to bed until 3.15am.



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3 responses to “Tired and confused

  1. MarkE

    If you have a £15k tax bill it may be worth investing in some advice – even if an accountant can't get that reduced they should be able to get you time to pay.

    [Although I am an accountant, personal tax is not my area and I wouldn't rely on my advice, otherwise I'd love to help]

  2. If there's a space, it must be filled. A human trait that Ian and Guzzisue have themselves. When travelling by four wheels, the proverbial kitchen sink tends to get packed. Next time why not pack Ruby's panniers and bag and put them in your car. There's your boundaries.

    As for the taxman can you pay someone to 'Bump him off' for £7,500? An instant saving of 50%.

    It was good to meet you again at the presentation last night. 2010 is now history and the 2011 A.R.S.E. is only 4 weeks away.

  3. There's something freeing in leaving a good portion of your shit behind. I'm all too often tethered to my electronic garbage… but when traveling you don't have any – just your thoughts.

    Behind Bars – Motorcycles and Life

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