There should be a word for days like today

As part of my campaign for a biker vocabulary, which to date has mainly consisted of suggestions of names for all the different kinds of rain, I’d like to nominate a new weather phenomenon that needs its own festival.

Today is the first day (in my part of the world, at least) that the sun, falling on black leggings, feels warm.

It’s a hugely important day in my biking calendar and I think we should celebrate it, though probably not by locking Edward Woodward in a giant wicker man and setting light to him.



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6 responses to “There should be a word for days like today

  1. I feel a lupercalian goat sacrifice coming on….

  2. Happy Lupercalian Goat Sacrifice Day 🙂

  3. And the same to you with sonorous bells attached!

  4. Re the goat bell, the word I was so desperately reaching for earlier was “mellifluous”


  5. In my neck of Turnipia, it's 'At long last the blasted mud on the Southery Road is drying Day'.

  6. Here in Iowa in the USA, we call this “Hey, It Actually Feels WARM Today!” Day. Sadly, this is usually followed in short order by “Hah, You Surely Didn't Think Winter Was Over, Did You?” Day.

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