Spot the Musical Differences..

Yes – like the 1980s Kremlin, a seamless transition has taken place and I no longer play the harp in a 6-piece band. Though I still play the harp and am likely to turn up at an open mic near you once I’ve got my repertoire polished to a shiner state than my motorcycles.

I went to the King William in Fenstaton today to see Hot Lips and Chilli Fingers – for inspiration, consolation and a pint, all of which were duly recieved. I also caught up with the very lovely Tony Ginger, who works with Jackie Barnett and said some very important things which I need to write down before I forget them! This has been a bit of a rubbish week for me, I am reduced to taking things one day at a time and sometimes one cup of coffee to the next. So Tony may not have realised it but him telling me about how he deliberately chose a creative life over a conventional career and has no regrets was exactly the right thing to say at the right time.

I have forgotten the right words but he also said that it is time I gave myself respect for being a musician. This is why I’m not that gutted to be moving on from Mojo – while it has been enormous fun, and an excuse to buy a very outrageous pair of boots, I was quite marginal to what they wanted to do, and that wasn’t good for me, because it let me get away with hiding in the noise.

Game face on!


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