(wo)Man, you gotta go.

Yesterday the village was drenched with the smell of wet pine trees. This morning the sky looks like this. I have lots of jobs that I need to do, and the plumber is booked to come and look at my boiler again, because it is so eager to please that it turns itself on at random times throughout the day and night. But it is patently clear that the universe wants me on the road. And when the universe speaks so clearly, what else is a biker girl to do?

PS This was going to be a post about all the wonderful things that Frank has got lined up this year for the Thundersprint, but I think he would understand.



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2 responses to “(wo)Man, you gotta go.

  1. Rob

    That mesmerizing blue sky is an unreal concept during winter in Western New York. Its all about the different shade of gray for us until June. Skies like that belong to be witnessed while on two wheels with the wind upon your face…

  2. Girl's gotta do…
    When the sky is talking to you like that there is no other option but to go ride 😉
    I love those road calls.

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