Looking Back

Owing to over-exuberance at the O2 Christmas Extravaganza (involving standing up to do all the actions to The Twelve Days of Christmas and failing to notice my half-brick of a Nokia drop out of my pocket) I have spent Christmas without a mobile phone. If you’ve met me you’ll know that’s pretty much the equivalent of me losing a limb. Vodafone suspended the SIM and locked the handset so I didn’t have to worry about subbing someone’s festive calls home, and in a bonus move for additional peace of mind the phone had already decided to delete every single email and text from its memory about a week ago in a bid to protect the not-so-innocent. I’m on a SIM-only contract so while Vodafone gave me a new SIM today with the old number on it (fantastic!) it’s had to go into a handset that I bought on ebay in 2007. Firing that up again and looking at the photos on it has been a bit like finding an old shoe box under the bed and dusting off the cobwebs. There’s my (now separated but not yet ex) husband in a restaurant somewhere in June. There’s the Triumph parked outside Beverley YHA at the start of 2007’s RBR Scotland tour, and the flat tyre in Leeds that brought the trip to an abrupt end 8 days later but meant that a very nice bloke from ETA drove me all the way home and told me about his life in the army on the way. And on 6th December 2007 there’s my first picture of Ruby Thursday, looking incredibly shiny in SBW’s showroom.

There’s also a photo from my first attempt at off-roading. Big Chief Polar Bear and I have decided that in 2011 I’m going to train as an enduro racer. There are many reasons for this, large among them the belief that in order to be more interesting as a motorcycle writer, which is the pride and purpose of my life, I need to do something more interesting than competent road-riding. Even if Ruby and I did cover 10,000 miles last year. So for Christmas I got a set of knee protectors and the promise of a fantastic 2011.

On New Year’s Day I’ll be riding out with some of my favourite people in the world, and looking forward to another year of amazing two-wheeled adventures. And thanks to the honesty of someone at the O2, who found my phone and handed it in, I’ll be able to use my half-brick to keep you posted.

Happy in-between days, and the very very best for 2011.


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  1. Only 10,000 miles??? Still you need to build up to the bigger mileages don't you. I do not under any circumstance do 'Off Road' due to the infirm nature of my old bones.

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