I’m ready for my close-up, Mr Erskine

The Triumph with no name came out of hibernation today for a photo shoot. This is Steve Lockwood being photographed by James Erskine, for Steve’s forthcoming album. She didn’t actually start, but it turns out that was because the kill switch was off, not because she was sulking. As a reward she is plugged into the Optimate, because now I live in the boonies I have a garage with heat and power. For my reward I am plugged into a bottle of Dornfelder Spatburgunder, which was a housewarming present by the lovely Nikos Cosmos. Fortunately I only have to drink it, I don’t have to pronounce it.

I had to quit my job this morning, so it is a good time to be working on an album launch. And to be drinking a bottle of good red wine donated by a friend.



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5 responses to “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr Erskine

  1. A garage with heat and power… sounds like paradise to me (living in a flat with one dedicated parking spot underground).
    What is wrong with pronouncing Dornfelder Spätburgunder, after a bottle of it you will be able to do it fluently 😉

  2. If only I had known the power of Dornfelder Spatburgunder before I became “past it”….

  3. Welcome to the ranks of the unemployed – at least you'll have time to polish your bikes!

  4. I recommend the Rigas Sparkling Red from Latvia

  5. @Alice

    Is it good for removing the surface oxidation on aluminium before brazing?

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