Everything dies, and that’s the truth…

These are my Ray-Bans. (Ahem. These were my Ray Bans). I bought them in Las Vegas in 1997. They are Men In Black Ray Bans as modelled by Will Smith. I had to buy them because I’d put down my cheapo Boots sunnies in a casino and forgot to pick them up again, and squinting in the sunshine is so unbecoming.

About a week after I’d bought them I put them on the seat of the Diversion while I was filling up, they fell off and chipped front-and-centre in my field of vision. Expensive lesson….but it’s amazing how quickly you can learn to ignore what’s staring you in the face (I think there may be a metaphor here).

As my riding sunglasses, they’ve done about 50,000 miles stuffed under a variety of lids. However, while I learnt to cope with sub-par transparancy – and it was good practice for learning to cope with bug strikes – I think the fact that the hinge has just crumbled to dust may be an insuperable obstacle.

In tribute to my sunglasses perhaps I should also get legless 😉



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4 responses to “Everything dies, and that’s the truth…

  1. Think of it as a chance to buy a new pair… maybe go for Oakleys!

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  3. I managed to remove my helmet on Saturday whilst wearing an amazingly expensive pair of spectacles – result – a mangled pair of amazingly expensive spectacles.

  4. Sunglasses – I'm still mourning the pair I watched flip (fatally) from my hand and get crushed by the pick up truck following behind me and the pair I snapped shoving under the helmet and the pair I left sitting on the saddle bag and … Perhaps I just wasn't meant to wear sunglasses but I feel your pain 🙂

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