Splendid Isolation

I am still adjusting to living on my own. Today is my 12th day of being at home with only my failing lungs for company and I am not enjoying it. As well as work (today I was supposed to be meeting Local Transport Minister Norman Baker MP), I’ve had to cancel a 5-day holiday in Istanbul, an evening with Lee Mead, the Riders Are Voters mass lobby of Parliament, an evening with Geddy Lee, Dylan and James, and the RSC premiere of Tim Minchin’s Matilda.

There are two possible conclusions here. The first is that I am trying to do too much. The second is that I keep myself busy because being bored is nearly as bad as being dead.

Today’s tedium was much relived by a visit from the Midnight Mud Wrestler. He was nearly dead in May and I am very glad that his time is not yet up. Also, now that I can speak again, I can call people. This is nearly as good as meeting them for beers but not quite – CrossRoadsRider, this means you 😉

19 days to the NEC Show 🙂



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2 responses to “Splendid Isolation

  1. Get well quickly (at least before Christmas….) and hope that you make it to Istanbul soon – it's a fascinating place but you need your strength there as a tourist.

  2. Chris H

    definitely been missing you over the last few days – I'm beginning to wonder if you've manufactured this illness to avoid me – get well soon

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