Should be fun..

I have a new address and a rain-stained, torn and points-encrusted paper counterpart. What better way to celebrate than a letter to DVLA to acquire a new, shiny pristine photocard licence…

….hopefully still showing that I have held full motorcycle entitlement since 1996, having qualified before all that pesky 33bhp power limit nonsense.

DVLA never lose people’s entitlements, do they? 😉

I was one of the people round the table when DVLA offered to return licenses to those who were concerned at the potential for losing entitlements. So I’ve included an sae, taken a photocopy of my license (not that photocopies count, apparently) and will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Though part of me hopes they do lose my entitlement, just so that I can test all the soothing words the DVLA poured over us at the meeting.



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3 responses to “Should be fun..

  1. Chris H

    I recently had to change the photo on mine, but didn't bother to keep any copies. As I only have a motorcycle entitlement, I was curious to see what would happen if they lost it…

  2. I had to change mine twice in a year….but success each time!

  3. If the licence does come back HWL try asking why there are points on it as the previous one had none!

    Just thinking out loud :o)

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