no wonder I’m broke

In the last 4 weeks I’ve spent £246 on petrol. Maybe three bikes is too many after all…



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12 responses to “no wonder I’m broke

  1. {insert any number here} bikes is never enough. And you would have used the petrol if you'd done the miles on one bike or twenty. Unless one of them was an H1 Kawasaki, of course.

    It's taxing and insuring the buggers that makes multi-ownership so expensive.

  2. I know the feeling…

  3. No such thing as too many.

  4. “No such thing as too many …unless the one stored in the bathroom stops you reaching the shower.

  5. Yeah, but who needs a shower? I mean really needs one?

    It's priorities.

  6. ditto bath.

    My late Dad's student flat mate used to fill their bath with petrol to clean bits of his Triumph. Mind you Greeks hardly ever washed in those days.

  7. I've heard that dishwashers are excellent for cleaning engine parts, but I haven't plucked up the courage to try. Yet.

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  9. And cookers are great for getting new mains bearings into MZs crankcases, but don't forget to put some foil in the bottom to collect any oil drips, eh Ian.

  10. MarkE

    The problem is too few bikes – if you got another one, very small and economical, for commuting you would save money on petrol and consumables and save the others for when you really need them. This is what I am trying to persuade Mrs MarkE anyway. Trouble is, we're having problems with the definition of “very small”; at 170kg and 1,000cc a GSXR is smaller than my Pan.

  11. Spot on, Mark. The trick is to buy a Gold Wing early on, weather the storm of protest from the other half, and then thereafter all your bike purchases will be 'something a bit smaller, love'. My current Bonneville was sold to the financial manager on the strength of 'half the horsepower, half the speed' after a 1300 Pan. I didn't mention twice the hooligan potential.

    A Munch Mammoth or a Boss Hog would give you even more scope.

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