Why does it always rain on me?

There are lots of reasons I hate cagers. Lane-changing without looking, refusing to move out of lane 3 when both other lanes are empty, dominating transport policy, and parking in motorcycle spaces are just a few. But yesterday on the way up to Leeds underneath a thunderstorm, while the lightning did its spitty, forky thing overhead, I remembered the main one – THEY SLOW DOWN WHEN IT RAINS.

Why? Are you not in a lovely warm cage with windscreen wipers to clear your view, and a phone to text your mates on when it gets a bit dull (Yes, there was a man in the middle lane travelling about about 55 mph with the phone in front of his face, texting. In the rain.)

Instead of proceeding at a reasonable 60 – I’ll accept that a little moderation of speed in the fact of 2 inches of standing water on the motorway is a reasonable response – most of the time the cars rolled at about 40. Just a bit too fast for filtering, and – it would appear – almost exactly the same speed a thunderstorm travels north at, for the gap between the flash of the lightning and the clap of the thunder, which you count to see how far away the storm is, was always zero,and the rain was always coming down so hard it hurt.

“It was bright sunshine here 45 minutes ago” said the hotel receptionist. I dripped on him and went in search of a bath.



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2 responses to “Why does it always rain on me?

  1. CagerAuxFollies

    Have you considered travelling around sub sahara Africa? Your rain gathering prowress would garuntee local veneration bordering on godhood.

  2. Why does it always rain on me?

    Because you ride!

    (as you should)

    Ride on,

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