On the Road Again

On Friday morning a doctor poked my ankle and asked if it hurt – yes, it did, thanks. He looked at the same x-ray the previous doctor looked at a week ago, made me stand on the floor and sent me away plaster-free and with instructions to abstain from sports for 2 weeks. Obviously this will be a hardship. However, he neglected to instruct me to abstain from motorcycling so on Saturday morning I packed up my gig bag and headed to Swavesey for a Mojo Triangle rehearsal on the (still gorgeous) Africa Twin.

After a week on crutches and confined to various low-level reclinatoria, such as beds, sofas, and the devilishly comfortable LaFuma, being back on a bike was a physical and mental joy, the nearest parallel to which I think is probably unsuitable for mention in a family blog, so I will suggest instead the first gasp of a cold pint on a hot, hot day. The Africa Twin even sounded like happy bubbling water as we bimbled along the back roads to the pub.

Music, bikes and beer are making a tripartite twist of happiness for me at the moment, though mindful of the dangers of mixing 2 and 3 too closely, during the rehearsal I stuck to coffee and water. On Sunday we had a birthday party gig and were paid in beer tokens. In my brother’s (slightly eccentric) lexicon, a beer token is a five pound note, but these were actual beer tokens redeemable at the bar of the Duke of Wellington in Willingham. I counted on my fingers and reckoned that two pints of IPA over 5 hours would stay the right side of legal. Everyone seemed happy except for the grumpy neighbour who gatecrashed the party to shout about the volume at Andy. Who told him to “talk to the band ‘cos the bass ain’t listening.”

Next bike outing: Ruby to the Smoke, tomorrow
Next band outing: St Ives Regatta, Saturday
Next beer outing: about 3 hours time…


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