Ruby in the Dust

Well, it has finally happened – after 14 years riding motorcycles I have a leg in plaster. And I didn’t even crash….Saturday was a fabulous sunny day clearly granted by God to be used for the playing on motorcycles. So I squeezed myself into the van which had been pre-loaded with off-road bikes by Mel and Paul, with a view to spending some of the afternoon playing on China Girl and the rest of the time taking photos to justify my place. Plan B had been to take Ruby and find out how she goes on dirt, but it was a bit too hot to get geared up – which proved to be a good decision.

This was only my third trip to the off-road training ground, and I am a slow learner. I remembered that, to get over a hump, it was important to roll on the throttle at the crest. I didn’t remember that that the goal was to cruise effortlessly over the top, not to fly.

“She’s going a bit quick” said Mel to Paul, just before I appeared over the horizon with both wheels off the ground.

The flying part was fun. Sadly I have no photos to show you – despite what you may be led to believe by the purple gear, that’s not me up there. The landing part was good too, as we stayed upright and managed a creditable level of control. However, China Girl is not blessed with the kind of suspension which can cope with hefty amounts of Highwaylass landing from on high and something had to give. My right ankle.

6 hours in A&E later I have a comedy white plastercast on my right foot and a pair of extra-long crutches. On the positive side, hurpling around is doing wonders for my bingo wings. All I need now is a well-trained parrot.

* I did get some cracking pics though – check out Flickr for some photos of people who actually know what they are doing on the dirt.



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6 responses to “Ruby in the Dust

  1. If you can't walk away it's not a landing!

    Shame to miss an English summer of riding – maybe you could borrow one of those VFR1200 automatic bikes?

    Get well soon XS

  2. I did walk away! I limped around for a good couple of hours to get my lovely photos. After which Mel had to come and fetch me in the van, because my ankle said “no more” and stranded me at the top of a great big sandy hill. An off-road Transit van is a mighty impressive sight…

  3. Time to brush up on the Robert Newton impersonations :

    “Arr,Ha-ha, Arr. Them's that die early, them's will be the lucky ones. Arr, ha-ha, Arr “

    Perhaps you should have gone with Martin H to Snetterton ?

    Still HH will enjoy the extra cuddles from you lying on the sofa, until the need to go out presents itself.

    Heal well

  4. OK, if you hobble away from an alleged landing then you were probably “a bit late on the round out” as old bold pilots might say…

  5. Ah, the old collateral damage syndrome…..but electric starters were invented for just this type of situation. And, if you can get A&E to extend the plaster, you will find that whilst others merely ground their knee sliders, you can trail a long white plume of dust. Which is nice.

    (Mend soon!)

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