Which half of Robert Plant should I be?

This week I have been mostly riding the Africa Twin and trying to remember which position means the choke is in (or is it out when it’s making the engine run richer? I have forgotten…) I also need to learn where the fuel tap is so that I can do the in-flight changeover from ON to RESERVE – if only to avoid the embarrasment of rolling to a halt at the side of the road right in front of the 2 cars I’ve just stylishly overtaken while scrabbling fruitlessly below my left thigh.

The Twin is much lighter than Ruby, and while I’m not really enjoying the Givi boxes – what is the point of a box that flaps totally open in the vertical plane when you open it and dumps your knickers on the tarmac? – this can be cured for £300 with a rack from Metal Mule which would let me transfer my boxes from Ruby. Otherwise we are very happy together.

I wanted to take him on the No To Bike Parking Tax M25 run today but I am knackered and broke, so I am there in spirit and following their progress on Twitter. Which isn’t half as much fun, in truth. But it has saved me about 50 quid towards the cost of my new house. Only 74,950 to go.

This week has also been occupied with trying to learn the harp intro to When the Levee Breaks – I have been invited to try out for a Led Zeppelin tribute band, presumably as half of Robert Plant (ironic given that in reality I would make at least 2 of him). Which meant I was the person sitting on the train muttering “one – and – two – and – three – and – four” and making unintelligble notes that everyone crosses the aisle to avoid.



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2 responses to “Which half of Robert Plant should I be?

  1. Re the Givi's (sorry for the phantom apostrophy). Rather than putting more money into Metal Mules, how about getting two light day bags instead, one for either side ? That way you can corral the undies into a controlled environment. Also you don't have to demount two dripping dirty lumps of High Impact Plastic should you book into a motel /B&B on your travels. Many of the Pan riders do it that way.

    If you are half of Robert Plant does mean that Highway Hound is the Black Dog ? 🙂

  2. Chris Hodder

    Despite having ridden bikes since she was a teenager, my other half didn't know what a choke was until she started complaining the bike wouldn't start and I had to explain how it was cold in the UK and that this lever blocked off most of the air flow and increases the amount of fuel and … it started to get far too technical and her eyes glazed over.

    Best answer for whether the choke is on or off is how fast it idles. If one setting is idling faster than the other, then the choke is probably on.

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