Waiting for the punters

Calm before the storm at Cadwell Park 🙂



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6 responses to “Waiting for the punters

  1. Very nice…no beak! How does she compare to Ruby?

  2. Harely&Me

    Does this mean Transport of Delight will be updated to “Writing about riding an Africa Twin motorcycle(and feeling guilty about the BMW and Triumph in the garage).”

  3. Good question! Maybe I'll change it too “because there's no such thing as too many motorcycles…”

    @Nikos – first impressions are very good, lighter and more pointable than Ruby, but I have to remember that I'm down about 50% on bhp so overtaking requires more planning than just rolling on a handful of throttle!

  4. Not quite up to Elefant levels….but nonetheless, a great machine!

  5. ukko

    Nice change to the banner – looking forward to pictures of your next warp-spasm.

  6. Hi Ukko! Glad someone picked up my cultural reference point 😉

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