At the BMF Show

Fantastic day yesterday at the BMF Show – HighwayPuppy came too, he’s learning about travelling in cars and it was his first outing in a crate in the boot. He spent most of the day at the show being swept up and clasped to various bosoms which he enjoyed immensely.

My mission was to find a pair of warmer trousers for the Lifeboats Ride which starts on Friday – I’ve been riding in merino long-johns and Draggin Jeans because my Belstaff winter trousers no longer do up – that bike gear really does shrink in the cupboard, doesn’t it?! – and it’s just not warm enough for this chilly spring. The Triumph jumble sale was a bit too daunting, and I really didn’t want to find the stuff I paid full whack for at the NEC discounted to a tenner, so I left sharpish and moved on to the Hein Gericke clearance tent where I found a pair of fat bloke trousers for 40 quid. So I will be warm if not stylish.

Less success on the social front – the Midnight Mud Wrestler was flat out all day leading ride-outs, and I got a call from Mel just as I’d put a very tired dog in the boot and set off down the A1. But I did get to say hello to BMF’s Jeff and Chris, CrossRoadsRider and the guys from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership who do a very fine training day at Cadwell Park with Hopp Rider Training. Polar bear lessons continue this afternoon with another outing on the China Girl.



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2 responses to “At the BMF Show

  1. I thought you would have transported HWP in a wicker basket on the back of Ruby.

    Enjoy your ride – are you doing the whole journey?

  2. For some reason known to the organisers but not to me, we start at the Lizard, ride anti-clockwise round the coast to Anglesey and then stop. Not sure what south wales did to offend!

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