Do you want chips with that?

Eric2Spots went to the vet this morning to get chipped. It doesn’t seem to have made him any faster, though this may be because, according to the vet, he’s only got the single cylinder right now. Microchipping a puppy seems to work on a very similar principal to datatag, so I wondered if I could have saved myself some money by declaring him to be a BMW and using the leftover tags from Ruby….



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4 responses to “Do you want chips with that?

  1. Chipping is all very well, but you need to improve the intake and exhaust as well. Wedge his jaws apart with a stick, and open his bum out with a round file (about 2″ should do it) and he'll go like stink.

  2. The chip on my recently errant cat proved of limited use as the vet in Knutsford could not understand German!

  3. Any tips for stopping the coolant leaks?

  4. 1. Barr's
    2. Egg White

    we run ours on a total-loss system. The trick is to direct any leaks to where they can't do any harm.

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