Highwaylass, you are an habitual criminal

Got a letter from the DVLA yesterday – funny, I thought, it’s not the DVLA that normally sends out the speeding fines.

It’s from my local compliance office – it seems I have forgotten to tax the cage. Which is odd, because I swear that I can remember doing it. Now, nothing would please me more than being able to expose the flaky quality of the DVLA’s record keeping, but since I can’t find a tax disc that hasn’t expired, I think it is my record-keeping that has failed.

The bikes are taxed and legal, when it comes to the important things in life I’m OK 😉



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6 responses to “Highwaylass, you are an habitual criminal

  1. Funny that HWL. Ian taxed his Guzzi the other month and then got a similar letter through the post two weeks later. Knowing that the bike is taxed we are waiting to see if we have anymore correspondance from the wonderful DVLA.

  2. Where these big numpty Governmental catastrophy organisations are concerned, I am paranoid. Their records, despite vast amounts spent on the most expensive computer systems, are crap. If they can't get a tax disc right, how can we expect them to keep records of DNA, fingerprints,our health,our birth, etc?

    One solution is to do away with the stupidity of road tax entirely. Put it on petrol/diesel etc. The more you use, the more you pay………simples (squeak).

  3. MarkE


    There is plenty of evidence of the poor quality of their record keeping (a standard that would see the directors of companies in prison and private individuals (I hope “individual” is not yet considered an obscene word) fined, heavily). One to watch out for is their favourite trick of renewing driving licences without the motorcycle entitlement. They have recently surrendered (after a fight) and now return the old licence which may be used as evidence to correct their criminal negligence or prejudice so you don't have to retake your test. I assume they are afraid of all those nasty bikers biting granny's head off before raping her chickens.

    PS (HWL) I'm holding you responsible; after all of your comments I have entered the Round Britain Rally (and promptly taken the Pan off the road waiting for parts) – looking forward to getting out and bagging a few LMs, not least the one next door to my current employer (what odds the wait for parts is longer than the contract?)

  4. MarkE, all I can say is welcome to the RBR madhouse. You too one day Affer?????

  5. Watch out, BikerTed – they'll come and crush it if they think they've got the right….

    Affer – at least if it was on petrol I wouldn't forget to pay it 😦

    And MarkE – welcome to the RBR! Come and join us at Hayfield, there are Pans a-plenty…

  6. MarkE

    BikerTed & HWL – thanx for the welcome. I feel I have come home to the last surviving sane people in a world where the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

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