Two bikes on the road? Surely some mistake…

Ruby may be a tart when it comes to servicing but The Triumph With No Name is a faithful girl. (Sometimes I worry that having no name will make the bike feel second-best. But then I think that names are only needed by those that come second – after all, there is only one City, and Irene Adler, inamorata of Sherlock Holmes and occasional commenter on this blog, will forever be known as The Woman, so I think the Triumph is in good company being The Bike).

Anyway, while Ruby roams the BMW dealerships of Blighty, the Triumph always goes to Raceways in Stevenage, where Steve and Caz right all the wrongs I have done to her over the last 6 months, this time including (but not limited to) forgetting to top up the battery; letting the forks go rusty over the winter; and having cobwebs in my rev counter. New spark plugs, clean carbs, stern instructions on getting down and dirty with chrome polish and wire wool, and several cups of coffee later I leave riding one very happy motorcycle. The cobwebs are still there (Steve does a lot of things not included in a standard service but pest control is rather beyond the call…) but the engine now sings smoother than Huey from the Fun Lovin Criminals.

PS Steve races in the Wirral 100 club championships – if you’re near Oulton Park on 10th April go and root for Hutchiemura!

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One response to “Two bikes on the road? Surely some mistake…

  1. Just slightly missing the apex there, with the front washing out a little. I suggest two more clicks on front rebound and a notch up on rear preload. Oh, and a tad more left buttock off the……, I know (not!).

    Great photo that!

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