Heaven…I’m in heaven…

Bennet's Bar, Edinburgh, next door to the King's Theatre. Never mind the play, I'll just start at the top left. Half and half, anyone?



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5 responses to “Heaven…I’m in heaven…

  1. Did they have any Springbank? It's my fave…..

  2. MarkE

    Just finished a year living & working in Ireland where I learned two importrant lessons:

    1/. There is far more to Irish Whisky than Jameson's and Bushmills, and some of them are very good indeed (might be using this interweb thingy to place a few orders when I run out);

    2/. At a bar in Temple bar they had whisky from all around the world so trying a Japanese whisky seemed a good idea – it wasn't.

  3. The head was fine but I did sleep through the first half of the play….I had fun making up the missing bit 🙂

    I'll keep an eye out for Springbank, though my dram of choice at the moment is Aardbeg Supernova….mostly peat with a little bit of alcochol.

    And MarkE – thanks for the tip! there was some Japanese whisky there but I steered clear..

  4. MarkE

    If you get the opportunity (& Ruby would love the west coast of Ireland) try Connemara peated single malt. I like the Islay malts myself and this can stand next to the best of them.

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