Are you a motorcycling vicar? The DfT wants you…

Got this in my IAM e-newsletter today. Can’t decide if it’s extremely patronising or a refreshing new direction. If it’s not OK to ram bikers who are vicars, mums or fathers of large families, does that make it OK to ram Hells Angels or teenaged men? Anyway, if you do give them a call, tell them Highwaylass sent you…

The Department for Transport is putting together a motorcycle safety campaign – would you like to help?

Here is the request, which we are happy to pass on to IAM members.

The campaign launches on 1 March and we are looking for case studies of bikers to profile in the media. To help challenge the stereotypical view widely held by many motorists that all bikers are young, male, reckless, speed demons, we are looking for real life bikers that people might not expect.

We are looking for:

Any bikers over the age of 65 – a motorbike-mad grandma perhaps
Any bikers who are mums with young kids
Any bikers with an unusual profession who you may not expect to ride a motorbike? For example a banker or nanny
And any who use their bike for work in some way? Such as a doctor, vet, nurse
Any fathers with big families who are keen bikers?
Any exciting stories e.g. “a biker saved my life”, “I started biking and met the man of my dreams”, “my bike ride raised Β£50K for charity”
Any out-of-the-ordinary bikers – vicars, nuns or maybe an opera singer or ballet dancer?

– Please email victoria.goddard [at] with a short description if you are interested or if you know someone who fits the bill – we would greatly appreciate your help! Any suggestions must be comfortable for their story and picture to appear as a case study in newspapers, magazines, on television or on the radio. We would inform any case studies of each opportunity and ensure approval is given before progressing anything in the media and all will be treated in full confidence.



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2 responses to “Are you a motorcycling vicar? The DfT wants you…

  1. hmm, wonder who might fit that bill???

    thanks for the link – have emailed them πŸ™‚

  2. Am I alone in finding this deeply condescending? Sloppy and unnecessary marketing and a waste of tax pounds?
    Picturing motorcyclists as being in some way 'out of the ordinary' won't change a single entrenched attitude and it won't stop police harrassment.
    Sir Ralph Richardson rode a bike for years, as do our Royal Duo, Messrs Will and Hal. Billy Connolly has been around America on a bike, Australia on a trike. Jools Holland did the US on a Black Shadow. Nigel Havers was featured some years back in a half page article in The Sunday Times as the archetypical 'born-again-biker' (whatever that is). It changed nothing – and nor will this new campaign.

    We are who we are – just normal, and that is all.

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