Biker chic revisited

From “Christopher Kane updates the Little Black Dress at London Fashion Week:”

Bad-girl biker jackets came in matt and patent leather and instead of a Hell’s Angels style skull they were embroidered with the kind of posies that might decorate a strict church minister’s tablecloth. Imagine a very grown up take on a teenage Sunday school dropout smoking by the bike sheds.

How do you get the dead flies off your embroidered posies?



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6 responses to “Biker chic revisited

  1. With an oxy-acetylene blow torch probably.

  2. And those boots surely can't be CE approved? What use would they be kicking in a Volvo door? And all those holes to let the water in: totally impractical.

    Bah. Fashion.

  3. I work in a sector that has some connection with fashion….their adoption of 'biker chic' is all getting too much really. Even Evan Davies, seen during his Wisbech whitewash on the Beeb last night, has taken to wearing a 'biker' jacket.

    We must strike back: from now on, I shall ride in a floral tanga with an off-the-shoulder puffball dress and Jimmy Choos……

  4. The man they call 'Tinsel Tits' from his body adornments?

    I agree with Affer. If what TT wears is fashion, I will start riding in tweeds and a bowler (to the appropriate EU standard, of course).

  5. @Richard

    How will you stop the bowler blowing off? Or will you have a man with a red flag keeping your velocity down to London speeds? (note the mix of scalar and vector quantities in the foregoing)

  6. Nikos, a gentleman never rides fast enough to need a servingman with a red flag. A bead of No More Nails round the inside of the brim should suffice.

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