Suzi Perry – goodnight and good luck

Suzi's just announced on Twitter that she won't be covering MotoGP for the BBC this year. In a world of commentators who thing shouting “And it's RED!” counts as informed commentary, she was the best thing since Muddly Talker. And it's always nice to see a woman beating the guys at their own game. Good luck with all your other projects, Suzi, and thanks 🙂


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3 responses to “Suzi Perry – goodnight and good luck

  1. That's a real shame. Not only was she knowledgeable and a good presenter, but she was easy to watch for males of a certain age. I wish her well, too.

  2. I may now search for euthanasia contractors. The only time Suzi ever seemed out of her depth was presenting for the Beeb at Royal Ascot. She looked so much happier with a smudge of oil on her cheeks than a smear of horse sh12 on her shoes!

  3. Will she carry on modelling her splendid one piece leather suit in the Daily Telegraph Saturday motoring section one wonders?

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