Pot Luck

Three cheers to the IAM, whose Director of Policy Neil Greig asks drivers to look out for bikers and cyclists instead of fretting about their rims while negotiating the pockmarked tarmac:-

“Drivers should be particularly conscious of cyclists and motorcyclists trying to get past a pothole and give them a wide berth. They are entitled to a wobble and would appreciate not having a motorist attempting to overtake just as they avoid a hole in the road,” said Neil.

Though I’m struggling to remember the last time I got overtaken on the BMW….and yes, I am waiting to see whether the London Safety Camera Partnership are going to send me a nice letter in the next 14 days.



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2 responses to “Pot Luck

  1. Good to have you back HWL

  2. Thank you 🙂 I have been to the shops to buy a NetBook so I can post while out and about, now that they keep a closer eye on me at work!

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