Beat Blue Monday

According to the experts, whom you should imagine as beardy OU scientists, wearing white coats and sporting a row of pens in their breast pocket, next Monday will be the most depressing day of the year. (Though for me, it can’t get a lot worse than the week just gone – I’ve been incapacitated by flu since Friday, which was making me feel proper sorry for myself until a rude awakening about 4.30pm yesterday, when some truly devastating news from my friend from days of old showed my troubles up as the inconsequential fluff that celeb exclusives are made of.)


Now that the enemy has been identified by the boffins at Green Communications, all that remains is to take action to defeat it by cheering ourselves up. The Beat Blue Monday campaign suggests 10 ways to beat the blues, but my secret weapon isn’t on there.

Ahem. My two secret weapons aren’t on there (and no, one of them isn’t a comfy chair). Because I am a wuss when it comes to riding in snow, I haven’t been out on the bike since December 20th, so Blue Monday will find me riding Ruby, and therefore presumably refers to the hue that my extremities will acquire if the Siberian gusts don’t desist for the occasion. Riding, despite the shocking state of the roads, the homicidal tendencies of other road users, and the fact that my left knee gets colder much faster than my right knee, always makes me happy.

And because in these climate-conscious days, riding for its own sake will be frowned upon by the New Puritans, and therefore subtract from my happiness, I shall make my ride purposeful by riding to my blues lesson. Which is more about delayed happiness, I sound shocking at the moment but Steve L is very encouraging and says that it’s worth the effort for the times I do get it right.

Thus – instant happiness, and the foundation for future happiness. Elegant! (as Alexsandr the meerkat doesn’t say).



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2 responses to “Beat Blue Monday

  1. Intriguing statement about the differential knee cooling issue -are you riding side saddle by any chance?

  2. chewy

    Happiness is a state of mind!!!
    I DO hope you are feeling better, love.
    And, by the way, how is the new job going? Have you impressed everyone with your beauty and wit? 🙂

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