Happy New Year!

“I had no work in the typewriter. I can only write about what happens to me and nothing much had happened to me lately.”

Helene Hanff, Q’s legacy, 1985.

It is the quiet time of the year when cabin fever strikes and inspiration doesn’t. New job starting tomorrow, just slightly frozen in fear….



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3 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. The kill switch looks rather cute with that fluffy icey stuff….

    Good luck in the new job!

  2. Rob

    I have a feeling that I will also be starting a new job in a month. The butterflies are already flying and the new job is not even a sure thing yet. I have come to understand the fear I feel just means that I am alive and that mi amiga is a great thing. Best of luck but I have a feeling that you will not need it!

  3. chewy

    New year, new job. At least you have one. Puts petrol in the two wheeler.
    It is frozen here in the states, too. Tonight is supposed to bring a -15 F in the midwest. Kind of cures those amorous thoughts.

    Best of luck.

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