And then his leg fell off….

I’m on hold for Garmin customer services. The soothing muzak is a version of the “Romeo and Juliet” love theme..which is making me laugh becuase if you’re my age then it’s indelibly associated with Simon Bates doing “Our Tune”, as the music over which he would relate a touching story of love enduring against the odds, in which the object of one’s affections would find you again after 30 years apart only to get struck down by haemorraging dengue fever or eaten by crocodiles, and all that you would be left with to remember him by would be “Too Shy” by Kajagoogoo…



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4 responses to “And then his leg fell off….

  1. You should have bought a Tomtom – you could then listen to the complete Ring cycle….

  2. “Lost in France”,by belt'em out Bonny Tyler perhaps ?

  3. LOL! How about 500 Miles, by the Proclaimers…I'm gonna be the biker who rides 500 miles looking for the landmark, gives up, rides home again then finds they were sat on it having a cup of coffee 🙂

  4. If they had a sense of humour it could have been Blondie's, Hanging On The Telephone. You could also have got out your harmonica and played Show Me The Way To Go Home.

    Happy Holiday HWL and we will try to get to the 2010 ARSE on time :o)

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