Emails unlikely to be recieved by Kevin Ash #1

“I read your piece in a magazine yesterday when I was getting my hair done.”

Since making my print debut I’ve recieved some amazing emails and messages from people sharing their own stories, hopes and dreams. It’s been a powerful reminder that writing isn’t the lonely profession it’s sometimes caricatured as – solitary scribbler locked in garret (though my flat is currently doing its best to arrest my ageing process by maintaining the same temperature as my fridge). Writing’s an intimate conversation, albeit one in which call and response can be separated by weeks, months or even centuries.

It is a bit of a dilemma for me, though. Should I carry on writing as if no-one’s reading, or should I be mindful that real people read what I’m putting together, who might be hurt, or shocked, or tempted to follow me down the rollercoaster road that is riding a motorcyle?



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10 responses to “Emails unlikely to be recieved by Kevin Ash #1

  1. Sheila,I'm having difficulty in providing any useful direct response to your question other than to say that your writing has always seemed to me to come from the heart and that is what matters most to me. N

  2. HWL,please just carry on being amusing, stimulating and slightly wierd and don't worry what anyone else thinks – you're definitely my hero.

  3. chewy

    Most of your readers are adults with free choice.
    Keep on keeping on!

  4. Anonymous

    Spellchecker not working?? writ Received 250 times Sheila until completed stand in a corner with pointy hat on. I am upset JD gets a cuddle I get a blank stare ….

  5. MarkE

    i before e Sheila except after c!

    I normally disagree on principle with anything posted as “anonymous”, but there have to be some standards.

    That buried, keep doing what you've been doing please – that works for me.


    Please tick the button for Name/URL and give yourself a nickname. It is polite, and anyone who corrects someone else's spelling should be polite.

  6. Pedants, the lot of you! Is it the same for receipt?

    Anon – that wasn't a blank stare, that was a friendly smile! Sounds like I need more practice…. 😉

  7. Anonymous

    SK: You are not entitled to call me a pedant as I could be anyone!

  8. MarkE


    Yes I am a pedant, and yes it is the same for receipt.

    I used to give out friendly smiles, but they scared children and I was asked to stop.

  9. Well I am lost for words during the recent past I have been admonished for being anonymous also told I can be invariably 'Tactless' for being honest now I am supposedly categorized as a 'Pedant'

    As regards to the friendly smile maybe that makeover is necessary. :-))

  10. Take the Ernie Wise approach :

    “Emails unlikely to be GOT by Kevin Ask #1”

    Simples 🙂

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