Fatal Friday

Fatal Friday 13th certainly lived up to its billing – my Friday afternoon bolt for home came to an abrupt halt on the slip road to the M6, where the traffic was only just shy of standstill. It’s usually busy, but not that bad, so I looked wistfully at the nice wide filtering strip, thinking maybe taking the car was a bad choice. Two miles later, we all got chucked off the road, for the whole motorway was closed from Junction 2 as far as the M1 -on account of 2 lorry drivers driving into each other. According to Sally Traffic, there were accidents on the M1, the M4, the M60 and the M25 too.

Because I am a muppet I didn’t have a map book in the car, which made heading down a B-road in the hope of heading east rather more traumatic than it needed to be. But because I am a geek I’d recently downloaded Google Maps to my phone. Using the sat-nav on your phone is presumably just as illegal as holding it to talk while you are driving, but it was a godsend. PB gave me a route from his PC at work and the phone gave me a glowing blue ball (no sniggering at the back) which bounced along the screen to tell me I was making the right choices. Which was immensely reassuring as the road dwindled till it was only slightly wider than the car and hedged in by fallen trees. Now if they could only invent one that did the same for life choices…



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7 responses to “Fatal Friday

  1. Guess it wasn't just coincidence that ITV had their drama series 'Collision' running all this week…

  2. I think Friday's ride home from work was the worst I can remember, with torrential rain, gale force gusty winds, lorries hitting me with their drenching bow-waves, and spray everywhere, so that the cars seemed to be travelling in three feet of water. Oh yes, and in the dark with rain on the inside of the visor as well as the outside. It was so bad, it was comic. I spent most of the journey laughing. The bike looked after me, but I was glad to get home.

  3. chewy

    If life were that easy, it wouldn't be called choices, but I share your wishes.

  4. Rob

    The company that I work for does not allow me to ride a motorcycle so I have to drive a car for business purposes. When I am in the car, I always use a GPS and have become addicted to its directional sense. I need a 12 step program to relieve me of my GPS addiction!

  5. Rob: “The company that I work for does not allow me to ride a motorcycle”

    WTF? Can we assume that means for business purposes and not in your private life? The former I can just about see (although they clearly need educating about the efficiencies of two-wheeled transport), but if it's the latter I am gobsmacked. Perhaps you could tell them you were in a loving relationship with a non-human two-wheeled entity, or you worshipped the god Rossi, and riding a bike was part of your daily observances. They couldn't touch you for it then.

    Hmmm. When the census comes round, I might just write 'biker' in the controversial slot.

  6. I'm liking the idea of emulating the jedi and establishing the religion of bikeism…my religious rites will clearly require me to go on long pilgrimages to sunny places šŸ™‚

  7. Right, that's it. It's going to be 'Bikeist' for definite. Unless I go with my original intention of declaring myself Pastafarian.

    And the stuff about who I sleep with is going to be left blank, too. If they want to throw me in prison for that, they can try.

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