Cabin Fever

My rally is usually like a cask-strength Macallan – savoured slowly and with a lot of water added. This year it was more like an Ardbeg Supervona – a smack in the throat with a blunt instrument. I mislaid anticipation and forward planning and have had to scrabble for LMs in the margins of everyday life. No week-long trip to Scotland – for the second year running – to ride under the pines, dodge the deer and get nibbled by the midgies. And I was thwarted in several attempts to get to Wales…

Have I become one of those people for whom riding can only happen when the demands of real life have been satisfied? For the rub there is that the demands of real life are infinite and hydra-headed, and if I allow it to take over there will be no time for frivolities like visiting Venta Silurum at dusk.

Still, better a rally of rags and patches than no rally at all. Admiring Panamaniac‘s photo albums at Conkers, I was amazed to find I’ve been doing this since 2003. Some people will see 6 years of landmark-bagging as little more than an astonishing waste of time and petrol, but (at the risk of sounding like REO Speedwagon) it’s taken me to places that on my own I’d never find. It’s made me a better rider – goat tracks and the Road of Baas would not have been attempted if there hadn’t been points at the end of them. I’ve peturbed and baffled the locals. I’ve been to John O’Groats. I’ve stood on a plinth. And I’ve eaten too many of JD’s bacon rolls.

This year was good, because there is no such thing as a bad ride. Next year will be better – because what’s the future for if not to look forward to?



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4 responses to “Cabin Fever

  1. To assuage the potential curse:
    2: Innovation
    3: Elasticity

    It may be that a curse may act as a homeopathetic prophylactic to my inner complete lack of self confidence! (more Corp Bolx)

  2. I thought about not doing the RBR this year, then employment almost put an end to it before I got started, also problems with the Guzzi, the Suzuki and BMW needing new tyres AND little ready cash.
    Undeterred a bronze was securred.
    Things may now be beginning to sort themselves out.
    Roll on 2010 and the ARSE (if I can get there on time).

  3. oh my actual god! i saw your article in YOU magazine, and am absolutely chuffed that i managed to find you on blogspot! your writing is absolutely wonderful, i was so intrigued by your article, i adore writing, and you are such an inspiration! please comment back, it'd be lovely to hear from you! xx

  4. Hi Nikos! Only joking about the curse, hope you sailed through ( though perhaps hoping for sailing might bring the rain….you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

    BikerTed – I'm sure I read somewhere that bronze is the new gold….will you be at the dinner? Can't let Rufus get all the attention!

    Hi Tegan! Thanks for tracking me down and saying such lovely things πŸ™‚ I've just come back from your blog, you've got some great writing on there – look forward to seeing your next post soon

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