New Bike…

Like El Diente, I am getting a new bike tomorrow. But Ruby and the Triumph can rest easy – in fact, hopefully a little more easily than is the case at the moment, as I have been forced into this purchase by the realisation that while weight creeps on quite easily, it doesn’t seem willing to creep off again without effort.

So I have ordered an industrially well-sprung Pathfinder from the remarkable and Revolutionary Edinburgh Bicycle Co-Operative. If there was an Edinburgh Motorcycle Co-Operative I’d go and work for it, because this company loves two wheels and wants as many people as possible to see the light. I’m going to share a bit from their Autumn/Winter catalogue and pretend it’s my kind of bike they’re talking about:-

“Riding a bike is one of the best ways to feel truly alive any day of the week. Reasons to ride are well-rehearsed: fitness, swiftness, ecology, economy…I remember a better one today, which I think was attributed to a Zen monk. “I ride a bike so I can ride a bike.” Our message this season is like the aristocracy: double barelled but simple. Keep riding this winter because life’s better by bike.

Viva La Revolución!



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2 responses to “New Bike…

  1. Rob

    My first true love was my bicycle. In my youth, that bike gave me freedom, adventure, and a lust for life. Great Stuff!!!!

  2. I bought a bicycle also, however it now rests rusting in the shed; it was fun blinging it up though – gel seats, panniers, raised handlebars, you'll love the opportunities it presents, not to mention a whole new set of riding gear – presumably you won't be riding it in your leather jacket and boots?

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