up, up and away….

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Many people wonder what the point of their existence is. The One and Other Project has helpfully resolved this for me – I now know that I have 100 points to my existence and they are available to any participant in the Round Britain Rally with the strength of will and mind to get up at Silly O’Clock and take a photo of me on the Plinth – usual rally rules apply. As an extra temptation I’ll be making a donation to the Air Ambulance proportionate to the number of photos being taken (yes, I’m being a bit cagey about this because there’s a potential pool of over 200 participants and it could get quite expensive.)

I did say that I wanted to highlight the fabulous motorcycle community – and the fact that at least a dozen RBR-ers have pledged to ride into London in the small hours with only the consolation of an Ace Caff breakfast should demonstrate in spades what an amazing bunch of people you find on two wheels.

As Thursday is National Poetry Day I’m also highlighting the wonderful Thom Gunn poem, “On the Move” –

“On motorcycles, up the road, they come:
Small, black, as flies hanging in heat, the Boy,
Until the distance throws them forth, their hum
Bulges to thunder held by calf and thigh.
In goggles, donned impersonality,
In gleaming jackets trophied with the dust,
They strap in doubt–by hiding it, robust–
And almost hear a meaning in their noise.”

– but don’t worry, I’m not reading it out, I’m just flying it on a flag.

Also, as the thought of me standing there waiting to be photographed was getting just a little bit too reminiscent of the final minutes of Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore, I will be passing the time by playing some blues harp. Wish me luck, or bring your earplugs….


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One response to “up, up and away….

  1. chewy

    At least you won't be stark.
    Does it get cold at night at your lattitude?

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