Season of mists and mad traffic queues

I am reconciled to the rain. It makes the garden grow, it smells nice on pine needles and it washes Ruby for me. In fact, this morning I was feeling quite mellow about being drenched, as it was the first serious wetting I’ve had for some weeks, and also because BMW have finally cracked the fog-proof visor so I could actually see the road ahead.

On the downside, what was revealed in mist-free clarity was 40 miles of standing traffic. Does the rain bring out all the cars, like grateful wiggly worms? I have no objection to a bit of filtering, it’s one of the reasons I ride a bike, but by Junction 2 of the M6 my left hand had seized into a claw and my Foggy-esqe stare was scaring small children. As previously posited, I’m still of the view that cagers are getting better at moving out of the way (or at least not deliberately moving into it) though this positive sentiment does not extend to the girl in the hot hatch who spent 5 minutes fluffing her hair in the rear-view mirror while firmly astride the white line – in a moment of unsisterly churlishness I debated knocking on her window and explaining that it’s also good for showing vehicles approaching from behind –nor to Mr MPV who very unwisely decided to play Michael Schumacher to my Damon Hill and change his line several times in an attempt to keep me on his left quarter. Given that both my concentration and my patience had long been exhausted, and I’d already bounced a Metal Mule off a large HGV and won, he was putting a lot of faith in the future wellbeing of his wing mirrors.

While I’m having a whinge – it would also have been nice to have had a wave from Mr Sportsbike – I don’t mind people following in my wake, one of these days I’ll go the whole hog and fit a cowcatcher instead of a beak onto Ruby – but a small nod would have been appreciated.



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4 responses to “Season of mists and mad traffic queues

  1. I've had problems with misting visors since I started biking – every singkle helmet I have had has misted badly, so much that in winter I have normally had to ride with it cracked open – and then endure sore, bleary eyes all day. My current helmet, a Shoei, comes with a Pinlock inner visor as standard, and it is the best thing ever. Stationary in heavy rain waiting for traffic lights – no misting at all.

    I actually like riding in rain. Sounds daft, but I enjoy the hammering of the rain on the visor and the splash of the tyres on the road. I have good waterproofs, and the weather simply isn't an issue.

    On your point about cagers giving way more, it may well be you, rather than they, who have changed. I find that the more positively I ride, the more cars move over. If you ride like you're in a car, you get treated like a car. If you ride like you mean business, then they see a bike approaching fast on the starboard quarter and get out of the way. It's great, because the better you ride, the more room you have to do it. Perhaps it's your own riding that is improving, rather than a change of heart by the car-bound drudges.

  2. “Foggy-esque stare” . Is that Lance Corporal Sign-Writer Foggy Dewhurst, or soem other fella ?

    Because I have glasses so I can generally ride with the visor cracked open, but I agree that the rain brings the cars out for no apparent reason, although the A13 was prety well behaved today.

    The rain also shows up the great pools of Derv on the road-surface as well . And forgetting not to go over manhole covers in the wet can make the back wheel twitch a bit as well

  3. Rob

    I love riding in the rain but I must be totally drenched. I dislike it if I am only partially wet. While taking a Trip from Denver, Colorado to New York I was so drenched but it was very hot and cagers would pass and I would smile. They gave me looks like “why is that soaked rat on the cycle so happy”. They will never understand

  4. I knew I wasn't the only person on the planet who enjoys a good rain storm.

    It's my experience, the only time you seem to experience more cagers is when your traveling around a city. For some reason, city dwellers leave their homes for the crumbling infrastructure of their city…to rumble around while complaining and behaving as if they are the only ones on the road who are inconvenienced…and that they have paid for the pleasure of ruining the day of some poor biker.

    Where I live…once out of town, the hills are alive with…just me! 😉 I love it.

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