4th Plinth preparations

In 5 days it will all be over and I will hopefully be drawing a sigh of relief and wondering what to do with 5 inflatable motorcycles. I love the great writing which motorcycling inspires in people and I have been puzzling over how to make that manifest on the plinth without having to stand there and read any of it out loud, because I suck at public oration.

Inspiration struck this morning, and in slight trepidation at the possible insult to Buddhism, I have made biker prayer flags. I’m going to fly them from the string on one of my sets of balloons and they will send inspirational words about riding into the London dawn.

I’ll do proper links later but the writers I’ve included are the incomparable and much-missed Hunter S Thompson, Dan Walsh, Melissa Holbrook Pierson, Lois Pryce, and Teresa Wallach. I’ve also made a flag which quotes “On the Move” by Thom Gunn, which speaks to the soul. If I’m going to read anything out loud it will be this, as Plinth Day is also National Poetry Day. But I may not be brave enough.



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4 responses to “4th Plinth preparations

  1. chewy

    Lass, don't be so hard on yourself.
    How can anyone who does a blog suck at public oration?

    Just don't look down.


  2. Would you like an inflatable donkey as well?

  3. Are you burning the flags and mororcycles afterwards or auctioning them off for a charity, NADB for example?

  4. Thanks, Chewy – good advice! I will concentrate on looking Nelson in the eye 🙂

    Mark – I think if I take the donkey as well I risk making an ass of myself…

    BikerTed – fantastic idea! I will offer a row of flags either at the RBR Prize dinner or online 🙂

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