They really don’t want us to pass…

I was talking to a friend today whose Brazilian wife is trying to pass her UK motorcycle test. She’s a perfectly safe and competent rider but can’t actually get to demonstrate this on the road because she can’t pass the multiple-choice part of the theory test.

For those candidates who don’t have English as a mother tongue, the DSA helpfully provide an audio translation service of the questions.

But not the answers….


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One response to “They really don’t want us to pass…

  1. chewy

    Seems to be a common problem, except here in the U.S. Here they give everyone a liscense, wether you can speak English or not, and in a lot of cases, even if you can't reach the pedals. Sorry, didn't mean to appear predjudiced.

    Have a good day, ma'am.

    Just for info, and so you know me, I am old enough to be your father, so you have to listen to my “words of wisdom”.

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