Sympathy for Salford?

I find myself in the unusual position of feeling the need to defend the Honourable Member for Salford. The fickle wheel of fashion has come full circle since 2007, and once again the biker jacket is autumn’s coat of choice for the fashionisti, according to today’s Mail on Sunday column by Mimi Spencer.

In fact, I look set to be at the cutting edge of fashion, as it’s not just leather jackets being tipped, but also “the colour purple,” sequins, and “moody biker boots,” all of which already lurk in my wardrobe. Does this mean that the next time I get on my bike I will be snapped by lurking paparazzi as the next big thing?

Sadly not. For although I am now able to claim that my made-to-measure Crowtree leather trousers are “inspired by Chanel and Balmain and Christopher Kane,” Spencer goes on to warn that “black leather – regardless of how fashionable it is – is a very tough call. Get it wrong by a smidge and it all goes Suzi Quatro. Or, worse, Hazel Blears.” To say that I am not the world’s greatest fan of Hazel Blears is a bit like saying that Muse’s new album is a little self-indulgent, but I thought she worked the leather and scarf combo rather well in her Thundersprint photos.

Spencer also cautions of the risk of “looking like those women who go motorcycling with their husbands upon retirement. The kind of women who suddenly, after a lifetime of boiling spuds and teaching primary-school kids, find themselves riding pillion on a Ducati en route to Wigan, with only a carapace of leather and squirt of hairspray between them and the tarmac.”

Riding pillion on a Ducati sounds to me almost the perfect reward for a lifetime of boiling spuds and educating children, bettered only by beating hubby to the keys and riding it yourself. But what should the fashion-forward biker be wearing to stave off gravel rash, if leather trousers are de trop? A challenge for a future column, perhaps…



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2 responses to “Sympathy for Salford?

  1. And what was swrong with Suzi? Classic rock chick.

  2. Nowt wrong with Suzi, no sir. I actually thought Hazel was quite cute when she got the leathers on. And I used to have a Ducati identical to hers, too. That expenses thing ruined it for me.

    Cute, yes. Style icon, no.

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