Gentlemen, start your…..route planning

The Grim Rider has announced the Brit Butt Lite bonus values and hushed planning is under way. I'm just riding the route I chose on Thursday, I'm not in with a shout of winning plus I have the flu. Planning tools range from post-its and pencils, mobile phones, Garmin Zumi, notebook PCs and an 8-year old boy.



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6 responses to “Gentlemen, start your…..route planning

  1. great looking forward to trip reports…enjoy

  2. Rob

    The ride will cure all ills. Pleasant Journeys!!!

  3. Gaz

    Best of luck, no doubt grim will have picked some great locations.

  4. chewy

    Lealittle boy alone. People talk.

  5. There were some cracking pubs included – looking forward to making a return visit to some of them with someone else in charge of the driving 😉

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