Adventure Travel

I’ve had a cool morning helping friends pack for a tour of Canada – well, helpfully staying out of the way with a cup of tea while things were folded, squished and stowed. I’m slightly baffled as to how the two of them plan to cope for four weeks with less gear than I take to Wales for a weekend. They have a teeny tent (no room for pole dancing in that one) and a Trangia. The bike has its insurance laminated onto a small card, and a sheepskin seat cover, perhaps in emulation of Ted Simon, though it does make it look like the offspring of an unlikely coupling between a GS and a moose. Stuffed and loaded, the GS was entrusted to James Cargo, in Gallymead Road behind Heathrow (I was quite excited at the thought of meeting Dr Who but he must have been off fighting the Cybermen) to be put in a crate and flown to Vancouver. James Cargo ship bikes for Globebusters and for Ewan and Charley. I lurked a bit in the hope that some long-distance glamour might attach itself to me, but the Brit Butt Lite will have to do.


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  1. Good luck with the Lite Butt escapade, enjoy and hope that the weather Gods are favourable!


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