how are they increased that trouble me!

Sometimes coming home from a holiday can be the worst part. Droopy plants gasping their last, the faint taint of old milk in the kitchen, and a plague of flies around the bin because there wasn’t time to take the rubbish out at 3am when you left for the plane.

My maritime idyll at the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival abruptly truncated by the arrival of three robust lady golfers expecting to take possession of the holiday cottage 24 hours before Potential Boatbuilder and I were expecting to leave it, I must now crave your indulgence while I set about this blog with my J-cloth and air freshener. I had big plans to post photos from the festival, and tell you all about the fabulous Galgael project, the slightly mad shanty singer from Minnesota and the world’s fastest knitter, but my intentions were foiled by Vodafone’s inability to handle emails outside the 3G network area. Which, surprisingly, doesn’t extend to the Banff and Buchan coast.

Coming back to work has also been remarkably depressing this week, so I am very glad to be packing my ludicrously over-specced tent, my couscous and my coffee machine ready for the Round Britain Rally Hayfield weekend. Last year we had a deluge on Saturday and a beautiful sunny day on Sunday. I’d love to be able to link to the post I wrote about it on the Telegraph blog, as it was the first one I wrote for them, but the scorched earth policy still applies and it has vanished into the ether.

As Nikos has spotted, the Tentipi strapline is “embrace the elements” so I am undaunted by the prospect of storms, apart from the anxiety of being in close proximity to a three-metre aluminium pole…maybe if I keep my boots on I’ll be OK.

Or maybe I will just fake my death and carry on travelling…..


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